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Lewes, which is pronounced "LOO-IS," is one of the oldest settlements in America. Known as “the first town in the first state,” it was originally populated by Native Americans and later by Dutch settlers in 1629-1631, and then English settlers in 1664. The town wasn't formally titled "Lewes" until 1682, and served as the Sussex County Seat until 1791.

Lewes has always been recognized as a seafaring town because of its ideal placement between the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Cutting through town is a deep canal passage, which lends to an excellent harbor. Today the harbor services a large fleet of charter fishing boats, private sailing crafts and has even served as a port for the Delaware Tall Ships, including the Kalmar Nyckel. Additionally, Lewes is being considered as a possible port-of-call for cruise ships in 2011. And don’t forget that the Cape May-Lewes Ferry crosses the 17-mile stretch of water between Lewes and New Jersey, so you can stroll the streets of historic Cape May, or grab a fudgie-wudgie ice cream treat in Wildwood, roll the dice in Atlantic City, or head up to Manhattan to catch a Broadway show - after a short, relaxing 80-minute ride on the Ferry.

Countless Real Estate opportunities abound in Lewes - from burgeoning new communities to historical homes that have weathered the decades (and in some cases, centuries) and still remain unique today.

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