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Rehoboth Beach

Rehoboth Beach, which -- loosely translated -- means “room for all,” earned its current name in 1891, but the locality has been an Oceanside retreat since 1873 when the boardwalk was originally built.

In 1925 - when a paved highway made it easier to reach town by car - Rehoboth began being known as “The Nation’s Summer Capital” since so many legislative officials and government workers, who wanted to escape the oppressive summer heat in D.C., would escape to the quiet beach town. Rehoboth has long been a favorite destination for visitors not only from Washington, D.C., but also from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and many other states and countries.

Offering pristine beaches that stretch the length of the mile-long boardwalk, Rehoboth makes it easy to find sun and sand. You can also head north toward the Henlopen Acres area of Rehoboth to access Gordon’s Pond, which is part of the Delaware State Park System.

A wide-array of shops and restaurants complete the package and help make Rehoboth an ideal town to make your permanent residence. Sporting a variety of home and condo styles, Rehoboth can deliver precisely the home and locale that you've been searching for. Be sure to check out our complete Rehoboth Beach Real Estate listings today for more information.

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